Exclusive Services

My top priority is to keep your hair healthy! 

How I ensure that is by including B3 treatment or Olaplex to every color + blonding service. Each service includes a relaxing shampoo + condition and is finished off with a style of your choice using top of the line product. If you are unsure which blonding service will achieve your end goal, here are the details!

Design + Add-ons

60 minute haircut 65

haircut + toner 120

deep condition 30

b3 demi permanent 35

brazilian blowout 285+



root retouch 95

all over color 140

base drop/reverse balayage 100/ hr

color correction 110/ hr

toner + style 90



mini blonding 210

full blonding 260

ultimate blonding 315

premier blonding 365

corrective blonding 110/ hr

Looking for info on EXTENSIONS? Let me tell you about HAND TIED WEFTS!

White marble texture pattern with high r

let's talk blonding...

These services are based on time and include a haircut. Why hourly? Because each guest is different! Inspiration, hair density, length, and hair history are all deciding factors in the initial session that will be booked. Why do they include a haircut? With very minimal maintenance required, you won't need to come back in for 8-12 weeks which is the amount of time recommended in between haircuts. I want your hair happy + healthy! Toners in between sessions are very highly recommended. 



if you need a simple accent around face and hairline or those with fine, short hair, this is for you. 



this is what most returning guests book. We have achieved your hair goals and are maintaining.


new clients, let's start here! Also, you girls with longer and thicker hair.



premier sessions allow enough time for very thick hair, tedious work + corrections to be done. I will determine if this session is required based on your inspiration photos + your current hair photos. Once the initial session is completed, it is typically not required a second time and we can talk further about an Ultimate or Full Blonding for your next appointment.


Please note, services longer than 3.5 hours is considered a Color Correction and will be charged my hourly color correction rate.